Torrey FS-250/500, 500 lb x 0.1 lb Receiving Scale, Legal for Trade

Part Number: TEI-FS-250/500


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Torrey FS-250/500, 250 kg / 500 lb x 0.05 kg / 0.1 lb Receiving Scale, Legal for Trade

The Torrey FS-250/500 is great for weighing products in warehouses, hardware stores and supermarkets in bulk quantities, the Tor Rey FS-250/500 digital receiving scale is the most economical, accurate, reliable and easiest weighing solution for all of your scale needs! With one of the largest back-lit LCD displays in the industry, you can easily see the weight in pounds or kilograms, ensuring quick weighments on even the busiest days. The NTEP Approved, "Legal for Trade" FS-250/500 ensures correct and accurate weights each and every time the scale is utilized.

The FS-250/500 by Torrey also features a large, 19" W x 21" D platform allowing for weighments of numerous products whether they be in boxes bags or small pallets. The Tare feature allows for emty containers to be zeroed so only the product is weighed and not the packaging. A 100 Hour battery and Heavy-Duty Wheels make the FS-250/500 completely portable and allows for the scale to be used for several days before recharging and to be moved easily to different locations.

 Capacity:250 kg / 500 lb 
 Minimum Division: 0.05 kg / 0.1 lb
 Display: Backlit LCD
 Platform Size:19 ½" W x 21½" D
 Communications:9-Pin Serial, RS232
 Rechargeable Battery: 4 Volt 
 Tare: 100%
 Weight: 29.7 kg / 65.4 lbs
 Shipping Weight: 40 kg / 80 lbs


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